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Alas, these books have gone out of print, which means your local book store can no longer order them for you. But Google, eBay,, and the other on-line bookstores are your friends. If you're interested in finding any of the vintage selections, click away. You can definitely find them there, sometimes for a penny plus shipping. I've included links to their pages on and/or BARGAIN!

One Perfect Man

Perfect The perfect night...
Single-minded events planner Erica Goncalves was stuck on maintaining her independence—even if it meant turning down a job to keep a sexy single father away. But after he made an offer she couldn't refuse, Miss Independence learned that passionate love could smolder but not smother...

Could it lead to a lifetime of more?
Tomas Garza needed Erica's help turning his daughter, Hope's, quinceañera into the perfect night. And though he was immediately drawn to Erica, Tomas wouldn't risk having his daughter's heart broken—or his own—by getting involved with a woman who swore home and hearth were not for her. Still, he found Erica irresistible. Could he convince this career woman to turn in her single status for the family plan?

One Perfect Man
Best Book Buys
Genre: romance
Silhouette Special Edition
ISBN 0-373-24620-X

And Then There Were Three

And Then There Were Three When Life Throws You a Curve... Single father Sam Lowery was good at many things, but raising his little girl to be a lady didn't seem to be one of them. So before his precious daughter started swearing like a truck driver, Sam set out to find a nanny who could steer her in the feminine direction...and in walked sunshine, aka Erin O'Grady. The redheaded beauty was all female, and before long she'd charmed his daughter and jumpstarted Sam's on-hiatus libido. Then Sam was forced to confront his family history, and lovely Erin offered an ear to bend and a shoulder to cry on. And then she offered him her virginity....

Logan's Legacy... Because birthright has its privileges and family ties run deep.

And Then There Were Three
Genre: romance
Silhouette Special Edition
"Logan's Legacy" continuity series
ISBN 0-373-24611-0