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Stay tuned for covers, insights, blurbs, and sneak peeks of Lynda's upcoming books!

For all of you who've written to me asking if Lexy is going to get her own story in the Troublesome Gulch series, the answer is YES. Yay! The book won't be out until sometime in 2009, but I'll have another Special Edition in October 2008 to hold you over. It's part of a fun continuity series with some of the biggest stars who write for Special Edition, so I feel pretty honored to have been asked to participate.

Please keep writing to me, and check back often for updates on more Troublesome Gulch books to come.

"Party Foul," in Breaking Up (is Hard to Do)
Houghton Mifflin YA
May 2008

Silhouette Special Edition
October 2008

Silhouette Special Edition

The She Between Me and Marie
Houghton Mifflin YA
May 2009

Filling the Gap
Houghton Mifflin YA
May 2010

Father Knows Best
info TBA

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